May 23, 2024
Krishnamma Review A revenge story that works in portions.

Krishnamma Review A revenge story that works in portions.

“Krishnamma,” released on May 10, 2024, receives a rating of 3.75 out of 5, presenting a narrative that resonates with audiences to varying degrees. The film boasts a talented ensemble cast featuring SatyaDev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, and Laxman Meesala, each contributing to the tapestry of emotions woven throughout the storyline. Under the direction of V VGopala Krishna and produced by Krishna Kommalapati, “Krishnamma” endeavors to explore complex themes and human relationships.

Kaala Bhairava‘s musical compositions breathe life into the film, enhancing its emotional depth and guiding viewers through its evocative moments. Sunny Kurapati’s cinematography captures the essence of the story with finesse, showcasing both the beauty and the rawness of the characters’ experiences. However, despite the commendable efforts of the cast and crew, “Krishnamma” falls short in certain aspects. While the narrative touches upon poignant themes, its execution lacks the necessary coherence and depth to truly engage the audience.

Nevertheless, “Krishnamma” offers moments of reflection and introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of life and human nature. With Tammiraju B. at the editing helm, the film strives to deliver a compelling narrative that resonates long after the credits roll. Though it may not achieve universal acclaim, “Krishnamma” leaves an indelible mark on those who immerse themselves in its world, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of the human experience.

Krishnamma, starring Satyadev, opened in theaters today. The Koratala Siva presentation received sufficient attention before its publication. Check out our review to see how the film does.

Here is theĀ Trailer for the Krishnamma Movie

Because they were raised as orphans and close friends, Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Meesala Lakshman), and Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy) have a particularly moving relationship. When Bhadra and Koti become caught up in the perilous world of smuggling in Vijayawada, Shiva stays straight and narrow. As the cops raid and accuse them of a crime that shook the entire city, their entire world collapses. With their destiny uncertain, they have been sentenced to 14 years in prison without access to the whole tale. Concerns about what secrets are hidden behind their arrest arise as the plot develops. What made them the target? What action will Bhadra take next? The solutions are in the film.

Bonus Points:

Satyadev delves into another engrossing role, capturing the spirit and vernacular of the people of Vijayawada. As he puts his all into the movie, his universal appeal and commitment are evident.

Meesala Lakshman’s portrayal of Koti, with his perfect timing, adds humor to the screen. The portrayal of Shiva by Krishna Teja Reddy is satisfactory, and the story is made more complex by Nanda Gopal’s portrayal of the frightening ACP.

The plot is enhanced by Athira Raj’s graceful and meaningful portrayal of Krishna Teja Reddy’s love interest. The entire supporting group gives excellent performances.

Negative Points:

Krishnamma’s traditional vengeance drama theme may have been elevated with a more engaging screenplay.

Aside from a few strong lines, the movie doesn’t have the bloody battle scenes that one would anticipate from a Vijayawada backdrop.

Satyadev’s widespread appeal falls short in captivating action scenes, failing to hold the attention of viewers.

It would have been better to portray some intense moments between friends to show the depth of their friendship. The climax is too hurried and undeveloped to emotionally connect with the audience.

Technical Details:

The direction of VV Gopala Krishna does a passable job, but the impact of the movie may have been increased with more lively writing. The pacing could have been better with tighter editing and more precise cuts. Sunny Kurapati’s cinematography is adequate, and the production values are up to par.


Ultimately, Krishnamma presents a revenge tale that, despite Satyadev’s respectable performance, only partially grabs the viewer’s attention. The film’s emotional resonance and drab storyline, however, let it down. Hardcore lovers of vengeance action dramas are the main audience for which it is advised; others may want to consider other forms of amusement.

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