May 27, 2024
JW Lounge

This sophisticated lounge, located in the center of the hotel, is lively thanks to its naturally light ambiance and the JW sculpture, an exquisite chandelier constructed of 35,330 specially created glass tubes that are suspended from the ceiling by stainless steel aircraft cables. The magnificence of JW Lounge extends beyond its architectural design to its beverage and hors d’oeuvre offerings for patrons. Encircled by a tranquil body of water in the hotel’s central courtyard, The Cabanas is an extension of this sophisticated lounge, offering the ideal setting for relaxing with our winter cocktail creations.

Fish, sandwiches, and chicken that taste well can leave a lasting impact. Place a quality ice cream order. When visiting this pub, you have to taste the great whiskey, martinis, or cordial. The coffee you will get is excellent.

Select from either outdoor or inside seats. JW Lounge is suggested because of its amiable staff. These restaurateurs need to provide timely service. You’ll love this place’s amazing ambiance and tasteful décor.

Rapid Details

Cuisines: American, Italian, and North Indian

Type: Bistro, Full Bar, Lounge Bars, Café, Lounge

Renowned For Friendly Employees

Averaging Cost: ₹ 4000 for two people; ₹ 175 for a pint of beer

Chaat, waffles, cocktails, hot chocolate, and coffee are must-haves.

ASPECTS: Wheelchair accessibility, reservations, seating, validated parking, valet parking, and parking available Provides Alcohol Service, Complete Bar, and Free WiFi Takes credit cards, Wine, beer, and table service.

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