May 27, 2024


The play follows the path of a bright, streetwise young man who aspires to become well-known.


From the first scene to the last credits, “Hustlers – Jugaad Ka Khel” captivates viewers with its compelling story of an entrepreneurial drama. The story revolves on the fascinating journey of Sanjay Sharma (Vishal Vashishtha), a young guy with ambition and street smarts who is motivated to overcome the customs enforced by his successful older brother Manoj (Maharishi Dave). The show explores the difficulties Sanjay encounters while attempting to forge his own route in the cutthroat startup industry.

The show deftly combines themes of struggle, failure, passion, and victory in just five episodes, setting the scene for a vibrant startup boom in Mumbai in 2010. This makes the show very binge-worthy.

As Sanjay Sharma, Vishal Vashishtha gives a remarkable performance, deftly capturing the nervousness and hardships of a first-time business owner. The catchphrase of his character, “Jab bhi meri lagti hain, dimag ki batti jalti hain (Whenever I am in trouble, my brain lights up),” becomes a symbol of Sanjay’s resourcefulness and clever handling of difficulties.

The supporting cast, which includes Anjali Barot as Vanshika, Meherzan Mazda as Sanjay’s witty roommate Baka, and Anurag Arora and Anubha Fatehpuria as the worried parents, gives the narrative more nuance and realism. A glimmer of optimism appears in Sanjay’s entrepreneurial path from Sameer Kochhar as Mihir Jain and Amman Uppal as Baba.

“Hustlers – Jugaad Ka Khel,” which was co-written and directed by Rahul Patel and Karan Narvekar, effectively conveys the allure of college life, which is full of chances, worries, and potential. Because there are no superfluous story twists and the narrative is clear-cut, a broad audience may relate to and understand it.

The show encourages today’s youngsters to defy expectations and write their own success stories, and it’s the ideal tribute to their adventurous spirit. “Hustlers – Jugaad Ka Khel” is more than simply a drama; it’s an uplifting tale that speaks to everybody who has the courage to dream big.

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