May 23, 2024
House of Ninjas

House of Ninjas Review

Cast: Aju Makita, Riho Yoshioka, Tae Kimura, Kengo Kora, Nobuko Miyamoto, Kento Kaku, and Yosuke Eguchi.

Author: Dave Boyle

Dave Boyle is the director.

Netflix is the streaming service.

Runtime: Eight one-hour episodes.

What Is It Concerning

The exploits of the Tawara family, who appear to be a reasonably average family on the outside with a working father, a housewife mother, adorable children, and a sweet grandma, are the subject of the new Netflix series House of Ninjas, which was developed by Dave Boyle. But in actuality, the family is part of a clan of Ninjas that operate in secret, known as Shinobi, and they have to return to action when another deadly clan threatens to ruin everyone’s life in Tokyo.

Script Analysis

Ninjas were hugely popular in the middle of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s; the tale of these ancient Japanese shadow assassins was the subject of numerous TV shows and films. The most well-known of these television series and motion pictures was Ninja Turtles.

Fortunately, House of Ninjas takes place in Japan. While a Western director serves as the show’s primary creative force, the performers and the location give the story a realistic sense. The plot has action, covert operations, murders, bloodshed, betrayals, and all the exciting things we imagine when we hear the word “ninja,” but the characters are what drive the narrative and are what keep it interesting throughout eight complete episodes.

The only thing that sets this family apart from the rest is that they are all skilled killer machines dealing with regular issues. Naturally, there is a significant contrast between the two, and the program recognizes that this makes for an ideal dramatic setting since, although the characters’ lives are often unremarkable, this other aspect has a significant impact on it.

Star-Studded Performance

Boyle has assembled a fantastic cast of actors who manage to capture the essence of the family dynamic with such skill that the characters are as excellent as they are. Naturally, Haru Tawara, played by Kento Kaku, is the primary character and the focus of the show—even when the other family members get their moments to shine. Because Haru is a hesitant hero, the story of his redemption and self-discovery is quite traditional. Kaku questions the character’s authenticity and the way the persona shifts from being calm and reserved to a murderous machine.

The performance of the remaining cast members is excellent as well; Tae Kimura stands out in particular. Kimura portrays the role of Yoko Tawara, the family’s housewife and mother. Her character development is brilliant because of the ease with which Kimura conveys a dual nature. Additionally impressive are Riho Yoshioka and Bambi Naka, who portray completely different personas from the rest of the family while still meshing nicely with the series’ general tone.

Direction & Music

Dave Boyle, a filmmaker who has made a career out of his infatuation with Japan and has mostly produced films with Japanese actors and themes, is the creator, director, and writer of House of Ninjas. After observing Boyle’s work, it would be reasonable to assume that he aspires to be Japanese. But this devotion turns into passion, and you get the impression that every part of the show has been lovingly and thoughtfully created, particularly when it comes to the characters’ perspectives and how their struggles and emotions are shown on screen.

While there are occasional spectacular scenes, if a second season is to air, the show will need to improve in this area. The bar for action movies has raised significantly in the past several years, and House of Ninjas must always strive to reach that level.

Final Words

House of Ninjas is an enjoyable tale of a family surviving in the most peculiar circumstances; at points, it brought to mind Killua’s storyline in the Hunter x Hunter manga, which is a compliment in and of itself; the characters are well-developed, and their problems give them a genuine, relatable feel, while the most ridiculous aspects of the show are brought to a satisfying conclusion.

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