May 23, 2024
Matti Katha Has its moments entertaining movie

Date of Release: 22 September 2023

Rating: 3.5/5

Starring: Balveer Singh, Akshay Sai, Raju Aluri, Ruchita, Bathula Teja, Dayanand Reddy, Maya, Kanakavva, and others

Director: Kadiyala Pavan

Appi Reddy, producer

Smaran Sai, director of music

Film director: Sainath

Editor: Ramakrishna Uday Kumbham

Pavan Kadiyala’s low-budget movie Matti Katha is currently showing in theaters. The main roles in the film are played by newcomers. Let’s examine the movie.


The movie, which is about four college friends named Bhoomayya (Ajay Ved), Srinu (Akshay Sai), Yadhagiri (Raju Aluri), and Raju (Bathula Teja), is set in a village close to Hyderabad. With the exception of Yadhagiri, the other three live life to the fullest and don’t worry about the future. Bhoomayya dislikes living in the village and is in love with Raji (Maya). Conversely, we witness the encroachment of land into the village. Bhoomayya has one incident that completely turns his life around. What’s that? What was Bhoomayya’s next move? This is the main topic of the movie.

Extra Credits:

Matti Katha gains a great deal from gentle music and natural humor. The portrayal of the rural milieu is well done, and the folk songs in particular give the proceedings more substance. The enjoyable scenes with the main actors turned out really good, making people grin. A few scenes may resonate with the students.

Despite the fact that this is his first movie, Ajay Ved gave a really mature performance. He did a fantastic job portraying the emotions of Bhoomayya, and he is cute. In their respective parts, Akshay Sai, Raju Aluri, Bathula Teja, Ruchita, Balveer Singh, and Maya all did a good job.

Negative Points:

The protagonist’s life is drastically altered by an incident, and the movie takes a very serious turn in the last part. The movie ends suddenly with a social message, defying expectations of a satisfying conclusion. This significantly lessens the effect because it leaves the story feeling unfinished.

Technical Features:

The song’s music composer, Smaran Sai, performed a fantastic job. Especially, the vocal performance by Kanakavva’s persona is exceptional. Not to mention, the background score is amazing. Sainath used his camera to capture the breathtaking countryside. It would have been better to edit.

The storytelling is honest, even with a limited budget. Newcomers gave strong performances under the direction of Pavan Kadiyala, and if he can improve on a few things, he will have a great future.


Matti Katha is an overall rural drama with strong performances from the main actors. The movie picks up after a sluggish beginning with a few humorous and poignant moments, but the sudden conclusion lessens the effect. Because it lacks the conventional commercial components, the film might not be appealing to everyone. Matti Katha is a watchable drama if you enjoy watching rural dramas.

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