May 23, 2024
Haddhu Ledhuraa

Haddhu Ledhuraa, Ashish Gandhi’s latest film, debuted on large screens today. Check out the review to see how it performs.

Title of the film: Haddhu Ledhuraa

Date of Release: March 21, 2024

Rating: 2/5

starring Rajiv Kanakala, Tanikella Bharani, Varsha Vishwanath, Ashish Gandhi, Ashok, and Hrithika Srinivas

Rajashekkar Raavi, director

Producers: Gaajula Veeresh

Directors of Music: Kamal Kumar D

Film director: Anandh AK

Editors: Nerusu Gowtham Raj


Since they were young children, Arjun (Ashish Gandhi) and Krishna (Ashok) have been best buddies. Arjun is always willing to go above and above to support Krishna. Krishna runs into difficulties one day and needs Arjun’s help to get out of it. What’s the issue? Does Arjun succeed in saving Krishna? The remainder of the story is told in the film.

Positive Points in Haddhu Ledhuraa Movie:

Ashish Gandhi does a fantastic job as Arjun, clearly capturing the essence of a kind friend. Both his appearance and performance are excellent, indicating that he may play large roles in the future.

Ashok does a passable job in the part. Rajiv Kanakala and Thanikella Bharani are entertaining in the sequences they appear in, despite their little screen time.

Minus Points in Haddhu Ledhuraa Movie:

The narrative is well-known and expected. The film has a great beginning, but it rapidly lags. The main premise is fine, but the director should have given more attention to interesting storytelling.

Heroines Varsha Vishwanath and Hrithika Srinivas only appear in a few moments and contribute very little to the story.

Numerous scenes have bad lip-syncing, which can be ascribed to the director’s carelessness in supervising the finished product. Additionally, Ashok’s expressionless language and neutral gazes detract from his lackluster performance in sequences that call for emotional expression.

Technical Aspects

Rajashekkar Raavi, the director, writes bad dialogue and does a lousy job of telling the plot. While Kamal Kumar D’s (late) songs are good, Abinizer Paul’s background score falls short of elevating key moments. Editor Gowtham Raj Nerusu had the opportunity to cut out parts of both halves that weren’t necessary. The cinematography is passable. The quality of the production is lacking.


Haddhu Ledhuraa is an average action drama overall, with a cliched plot and dull writing. With the possible exception of Ashish Gandhi’s performance, the movie doesn’t do much to hold audiences’ attention. Look into other forms of amusement for this coming weekend.

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