June 19, 2024

Date of Release: 10 Nov, 2023

Speaking: Hindi

Drama: Thriller

Streaming on: Amazon mini TV

Synopsis: “Hack Crimes Online” is a fascinating one-time movie that illustrates how technology can support law enforcement in making cities safer and throws light on the mindset of cyber criminals.


“Hack Crimes Online,” which is set against the busy backdrop of Mumbai, transports viewers into the complex realm of cybercrime. Under the direction of ACP Ashutosh (Vipul Gupta), the Cyber Crime Unit works to solve the trickiest cases involving illicit activities that take place online.


“Hack Crimes Online” is based on the critically acclaimed book written by Amit Dubey, a well-known Indian cybercrime investigator. The program, which is helmed by Parmeet Sethi, explores the dual nature of the internet, which is a technology that offers unmatched ease but also carries risks that could cause widespread chaos on a national level.

The nine-part series deftly follows the Cyber Crime Unit’s pursuit of justice as it takes on tasks like taking down child pornography rings, stopping bank and ATM fraud, and breaking up drug syndicates. ACP Ashutosh is in charge of a group of proficient hackers that include the tech-savvy Jigar (Akash Ayyar), the ferocious Shakti (Riddhi Kumar), and the cunning Girish (Akhil Khattar).

“Hack Crimes Online” aims to highlight the seriousness of cybercrimes, yet it falls short of its potential and reads like a spoon-fed avalanche of data.

As Shakti, Riddhi Kumar is excellent; she captures the essence of a complex, feisty, and determined character.

In summary, “Hack Crimes Online” is a thought-provoking one-time viewing that illuminates the mindset of hackers and illustrates how technology may support law enforcement in creating safer urban environments. Notwithstanding its flaws, the series provides insightful information about the changing face of cybercrime and the continuous struggle to protect the security of our globalized society.

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