May 27, 2024
Hi Nanna

Date of Release: December 07, 2023

Starring: Jayaram, Priyadarshi, Nassar, Angad Bedi, Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Baby Kiara Khanna, and others

Shouryuv, the director

Producers: Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala and Mohan Cherukuri (CVM).

Director of Music: Hesham Abdul Wahab

Sanu John Varghese is the cinematographer.

Praveen Antony, editor

Rating: 3.5/5

Organic Star The romance drama Hi Nanna is the latest creation from Nani. Mrunal Thakur and Baby Kaira Khanna play important parts in the film. Director Shouryuv is a rookie. We attended a special premiere, so let’s check out the movie.


Professional photographer Viraj (Nani) is employed. He is the only one who looks after Mahii, his 6-year-old daughter (Baby Kaira Khanna). When Mahii asks Viraj about her mother, he consistently stays silent. At last, Viraj agrees to talk about his wife, but only if Mahii comes in first. While Mahii completes the task, Viraj betrays his word. The young girl gets agitated by this and leaves the house. Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) saves Mahii after an accident. The film tells the story of how Yashna changes Mahii and Viraj’s life.

 Extra Credits:

Hello Nanna has a great storyline that allows for plenty of drama and passion. Playing the important role in the film is Mrunal Thakur. Following Sita Ramam, the actress once again turns heads with her selection of a masterfully written screenplay. Regarding his performance, Mrunal Thakur was outstanding. Making his debut, Shouryuv handled a few emotional obstacles with great skill.

Nani is a natural at portraying people like Viraj, and his heartfelt performance never fails to make people smile. In one really charming scene, Nani speaks with the main character’s mother. This small sample illustrates Nani’s natural ability to perform.

In her part, baby Kiara Khanna is charming. She delivered her lines with assurance, and her sequences with Nani and Mrunal were well-received. The movie’s last moments are truly remarkable. With the exception of the Odiyamma song, Hesham Abdul Wahab performed quite well. Pleasant images and calming music improve the narrative.

Negative Points:

The initial few scenes of the love story are a touch dull and uninspiring. The music are great, but the writing could have been better. The movie gains momentum in the pre-interval part.

While wider audiences might not feel the same way, viewers in the center will find the film to be very relevant. Shruti Haasan’s song seems out of place and might have been left out in the second part. This song in particular sets up a crucial sequence that was almost a bomb, but it wasn’t executed perfectly. The happenings of the second hour are a little inconsistent.

Technical Aspects:

Hesham Abdul Wahab’s songs and background soundtrack are amazing. The only negative is the Odiyamma song, which wasn’t really necessary. Excellent production qualities and graphics by Sanu John Varghese are both present. It’s a piece with mediocre editing.

With regard to Shouryuv, the director, he did a decent job on his debut picture. The plot of Shouryuv’s story proceeds slowly, yet there are some intensely moving scenes all throughout the movie. He got the actors to give really good performances.


Overall, Hi Nanna is a decent family drama with a few powerful emotional moments. Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Baby Kiara Khanna all do admirably in their own roles. The storyline and musical choices of Hi Nanna are its primary draws. However, because of its sluggish pace, the film might not be too intense for most viewers. A few areas required clarification in their presentation. If you like to watch dramatic movies with a lot of intensity, you can watch this one this weekend without any trouble at all.



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