May 27, 2024

Date of Release: December 29, 2023

Rating: 3/5

Starring are Samyukta Menon, Edward Sonnenblick, Elnaaz Norouzi, Srikanth Iyengar, Seetha, Satya, and Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

Director: Nama Abhishek

Producers: Nama Abhishek

Director of Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Film director: Soundar Rajan S.

Tammiraju is the editor.

Devil is a historical action drama written by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is renowned for his inventive screenplay choices. This is the tagline: “The British Secret Agent.” Producer and director Abhishek Nama is involved. Let’s check out the movie.


Set in Rasapadu, British Province, the murder of Vijaya (Ammu Abhirami), a zamindar’s daughter, is a mystery. The British government assigns Agent Devil (Kalyan Ram) the task of cracking the murder case. When Devil arrives in Rasapadu, he finds some shocking details. At some point, Devil is assigned a new mission known as “Operation Tiger Hunt.” What is this new mission trying to achieve? Who was it that murdered the Zamindar’s daughter? What connection is there between Vijaya’s murder and the new mission? Watch the film to get the solutions.

 Extra Credits:

Devil’s story has a captivating start with several layers, compelling characters, and subplots. The murder case has a lot to do with the concept of patriotism. The plot is expertly weaved with a number of surprises in the second section. They don’t come across as intrusive and fit in well with the narrative. A handful are deserving of a whistle. The way the surprises are revealed adds to the film’s excitement, in addition to the actual revelations.

The heroes of Nandamuri have a special ability when it comes to speaking conversation. The Devil has similar characteristics. The skill with which Kalyan Ram delivers moving speeches is quite amazing. He makes a powerful impact while acting with complete conviction. Kalyan Ram adeptly conveys the spectrum of feelings that exist within his character. According to the screenplay, Kalyan Ram plays his role quietly at first, but as the storyline shifts, he fully commits to being a furious avatar.

The artwork is painstakingly detailed, accurately capturing the bygone age. The visual effects and production quality are excellent. Samyukta Menon does a respectable job in the part. Malvika Nair is passable, but Vassishta Simha is amazing. Others carried out their duties as required.

Negative Points:

The movie has a fascinating start, but the story doesn’t really get interesting until the first hour. The tempo is generally sluggish, with a few unnecessary moments interfering. Everything proceeds slowly. Though there are some enjoyable moments, the first section isn’t all that intriguing.

There are a couple extremely bad songs in the first hour. While the first song is absolutely unnecessary, the second one really progresses the plot but is mediocre and only adds to the boredom. If the first part of the screenplay had been excellent, the movie may have been much better.

Technical Aspects:

As previously said, Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s song scores aren’t very excellent. Although he has a respectable background score, given his previous excursion, one would anticipate even more from him. Soundar Rajan’s cinematography is interesting. The beautiful artwork enhances the film’s worth. However, the editing might have been better.

The most compelling aspect of Devil is Srikanth Vissa’s narrative, and his remarks on patriotism and the qualities of the hero are powerful and applaud-worthy. Even if the first half’s execution is subpar, the second hour’s handling of the situation is clean.


Devil is a good historical action thriller with a gripping story and some incredible twists. Once more, the actor has chosen a novel plot, and Kalyan Ram looks fantastic in the role. Samyukta Menon, Vassishta Simha, and Malvika Nair all gave excellent performances in their respective roles. The graph starts off good, but poor storyline and music lead to a disappointing first half. If the first half of the movie had been more interesting, it may have gone to new heights. If you can get beyond these flaws, you ought to watch this film.

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