June 19, 2024
Captain Miller

Captain Miller Date of Release: January 26, 2024

Evaluation: 2.75 out of 5

Starring: Nivedhithaa Sathish, Elango Kumaravel, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Sundeep Kishan, Dhanush, Shiva Rajkumar, Kaali Venkat, and Bose Venkat

With Arun Matheswaran in charge

Producers: Arjun and Sendhil Thyagarajan

Director of Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Photographer of film: Siddhartha Nuni

Nagooran Ramachandran is the editor.

For Captain Miller, the first installment in a three-part action-adventure film series, director Arun Matheswaran and star actor Dhanush worked together. The film, which debuted in Telugu on large screens today, was first released in Tamil during Sankranthi. Read our review to find out how it works.


Set in a hamlet during the pre-Independence era, Agneeswara (Dhanush) is a member of a lower caste. He enlists in the British Army just out of decency. But after killing the General, he departs the army, regretting having fought his own people. Subsequently, he battles alongside a rebel group against the British Army, who steal the village’s priceless 600-year-old idol. Did Captain Miller get it back? Why did Agneeswara murder the British commander? What is the story’s connection to Bhanumathi (Priyanka Arul Mohan) and who is she? What made Captain Miller out of Agneeswara? The solutions will become clear in the film.

Bonus Points

The National Award winner Dhanush fully commits to his role once more, giving a professional performance that effectively conveys his emotions, particularly during action scenes.

Despite having little on screen time, Tollywood actor Sundeep Kishan and Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar both excel in their respective parts.

The audience is captivated by the expertly written action scenes, especially at the intermission and conclusion, and the music really enhances the whole experience.

Minus Points:


Six segments tell the tale in a non-linear script written by director Arun Matheswaran. Although this story structure is not unclear, the first part of the story might be more engaging and exciting.

Some characters in the movie, such as Jayaprakash and Priyanka Arul Mohan, don’t really offer much. It’s clear that Priyanka Mohan lost out on a chance to highlight her performance in a few instances.

The film’s serious tone is maintained throughout, and it excludes romantic and comedic elements, which makes it more appealing only to a devoted viewership.

Scenes depicting Tamil Christmas could not be relatable to Telugu viewers. It’s also surprising that a movie this size has so many grammatical and translation errors in the Telugu subtitles.

Technical Aspects:

As a writer and director, Arun Matheswaran makes a passable impression. The overall effect of the picture may be improved with a more captivating plot and a more intriguing first half.

The film Siddhartha Nuni features good photography, but the musical soundtrack by GV Prakash Kumar is very remarkable. Even if the editing is mostly good, the experience of watching may be enhanced by cutting a few pointless moments. The film’s production qualities remain respectable.


Overall, Captain Miller has some interesting moments. The action scenes are well-executed, Dhanush gave a good performance, and GV Prakash Kumar is a talented musician. Unfortunately, the movie suffers from a plodding first half, repeated sequences, an overly somber tone, and shallow emotional development. Captain Miller could be worth a look if you enjoy somber action dramas; if not, you might be better off with other entertainment alternatives.


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