May 27, 2024
EA Sports WRC

You may already be aware of EA Sports’ Dirt Rally series if you appreciate racing video games. It allows you to experience off-road racing in various locations across the globe. Since it now has the required license to utilize the brand name that has come to represent off-road racing for decades, the publisher has renamed this series under the moniker “EA Sports WRC” with the most recent launch. To be honest, over the years, I have been more interested in classic racing games than in rally racers. In part because of how harsh these games can be, and in part because there are a lot more possibilities in the former category to try out.

But with its official WRC content and new moniker, EA Sports WRC was just too good to ignore. Before you get into my in-depth assessment of the game, let me clarify that I received a review code for the PS5 version of the title from the publisher. The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows are among the platforms that can purchase the game, which has already been launched globally.

rating: 7.5 / 10

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Game modes and gameplay

Although there aren’t many game modes in EA Sports WRC, given the genre, they also aren’t necessary. Let’s briefly go over each of the available game modes.

Career mode: In WRC, career mode offers you three choices. Rally3 cars are particularly suitable starting grounds for novice drivers, and you can start your career in Junior WRC and work your way up. Another option is to start your career in the WRC2 competition, which is more competitive overall and allows you to drive Rally2 cars, as you might have guessed. Lastly, you have the choice to use the formidable Rally1 cars to enter the competition straight away for the esteemed WRC crown.

Championship: You finish a whole season in Junior WRC, WRC2, or the WRC in this mode. You can choose to race as your preferred driver or with your preferred team by using your own driver.

For me, the most enjoyable game mode was “Moments.” You stay interested because it’s so much fun to mimic real-world performances and because you’re always motivated to win the gold medal. But for fans of the WRC, the game offers an ideal chance to experience an entire season through several game modes, and if you are familiar with the drivers and the teams, the genuine feel will entice you no matter what.

Regarding gameplay, there is a significant learning curve in the game. Even though I was cautious when it came to speed the first time I raced, I continually lost control of the car to the point where it was impossible to prevent going off course or even turning around entirely. I ended up taking multiple penalties and finishing last as a result. I became more adept at controlling the cars over time, which helped me consistently improve my race performance. This game might not be for you if you’re the kind of player who prefers to play games immediately without having to spend hours learning how to play them.

Graphics and sound

The majority of the games I’ve played on my PlayStation 5 lately have looked amazing, but the WRC seems to be lagging behind. Although I didn’t have many performance problems when playing the game, many other gamers have reported experiencing frame drops and stuttering. Even though these kinds of games don’t usually emphasize graphic fidelity, it seems to have suffered in this instance, and it truly disappoints. The game could have really provided a lot more on this front, especially given the off-road aspect of the races.

The sound section is the complete opposite of this. In this regard, the game excels greatly. The game’s realistic automobile sounds make sure you have an immersive experience, and the variations in sound that correspond with different vehicle types are as obvious as day and night. Everything sounds just like it does in real life, including frequent whirring and gear shift sounds. You should play this game with headphones on if you want to fully enjoy the subtleties of the sound design. In this particular component of the game, extra recognition should go to the developers.


For die-hard enthusiasts, EA Sports WRC is a must-try because it is one of the most realistic rally racing games ever created and features fully licensed WRC material. Playing a game is now even more immersive thanks to the sound design. However, if you’re not already enamored with the WRC universe, you may find it difficult to fully enjoy this game due to its high learning curve and mediocre graphics.

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