June 19, 2024
Dreame D9 Max

Robotic vacuum cleaners are slowly making their way into the Indian market for home appliances. Dreame Technologies, a Chinese OEM, has launched its Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner in the nation as a test product. The cleaner is currently available on Amazon. for a reasonable price of Rs 24,999, where it is priced against brands like Eureka Forbes and Ecovacs. The Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner has been in my possession for around a month. This Dreame D9 Max review will tell you more as you read on.

rating: 9 / 10

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The Dreame D9 Max has a design that is similar to many other robot vacuums. Because of its small size and round form factor, it may easily fit under furniture. The cleaner is made of solid plastic that seems sturdy even if it might not be scratch-resistant.

Its top edge is finished in a reflective material and has an opening flap that exposes the dustbin container and a cleaning brush for the gadget. Additionally, there are a few buttons on the gadget for control. Without using the companion software on your smartphone, you can use these buttons to begin cleaning, pause cleaning, and return the gadget to the charging dock.

All things considered, the Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner has a stylish appearance that will go perfectly with your interior style.


The Dreame D9 Max has an amazing amount of features. It is excellent at cleaning on its own and mopping with ease. It uses LIDAR navigation to create a virtual map of your living area. With four modes and a strong 4,000 Pa maximum suction power, it can handle a variety of surfaces, including carpets, marble, stone, and tile. In addition, it has a HEPA filter that effectively collects a lot of small particles, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning. For hands-free operation, the robot vacuum cleaner is also compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. But I liked using the companion app and the on-board buttons to operate the device.


Throughout the review, my marble flooring was effectively cleaned of dust and debris by the Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner. It even removed my dog’s hair from places where a standard broom struggled to reach—underneath the bed or other furniture. In fact, before using the D9 Max vacuum cleaner for the first time, the app suggests that you remove any heavy objects from the floor.

However, some items, including doormats and rugs, can remain on the floor; you won’t have to clean them up. While it may encounter certain challenges when mopping at the same time, the Dreame D9 Max glides over them with ease. Even so, it usually performs a good job of getting rid of debris and dust, though not hair. Additionally, you can use the accompanying app to activate the “Carpet Boost” mode, which amplifies the cleaner’s suction when it finds carpets or mats. If you have a little step between two rooms, the Dreame D9 Max can cross items up to 0.8 inches high, which is adequate. The gadget can effortlessly ascend and descend without the need for help.

When it comes to cleaning corners, the vacuum cleaner also falls short of expectations. Dust and debris were difficult for the single-side brush to reach into the corners and remove. I do, however, sincerely appreciate the work the firm put into this vacuum cleaner, even with these small glitches. It thoroughly cleans the space without endangering the furniture. Despite not having a camera, the device has eight infrared sensors built in to help detect and steer clear of large, relatively heavy objects. It cannot, however, navigate around slippers or detect cables.

Companion app

The D9 Max settings and controls can be accessed using the Dreamehome application. You can download the app for iOS and Android smartphones. For some reason, the Android app with version 2.0.4 was crashing on my Pixel 8, although it operated without any issues on the iPhone. The app will prompt you to join a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network after the device has been first set up in order to transmit data about the battery, cleaning state, and other features.

Aside from that, the Dreamehome app’s user interface is really clear and simple to use. The home screen houses all the primary features, such as charging, map management, cleaning settings, and more. The app also lets you designate a no-go area, which you can then add a virtual wall and a no-mop zone to further personalize. Through the app, you can also schedule cleaning, set up spot cleaning for the device, and remotely operate the Dreame D9 Max.


Weekly maintenance is usually required for the Dreame D9 Max, though this can change depending on usage. It has a large bin, which I found to fill up after cleaning a carpeted area that was more than 1500 square feet over the course of seven days. Having said that, doing so is not too difficult.

Hair from the main brush and side brushes is challenging to remove, though. The primary brush in particular causes the hair to become somewhat tangled, and it may take some work to untangle it.

Furthermore, you will need to change the main brush, side brush, and HEPA filter after their 150–300-hour lifespan. The accompanying app allows you to verify their service life as well. The bundle includes one main brush, six side brushes, four filters, four mop rags, and two cleaning brushes.

Battery life

With a hefty 5,200mAh battery that can run the Dreame D9 Max for up to three hours between charges, it is well-equipped. I was able to use the “Strong” Suction settings and mop for around 2.5 hours at a time. Remarkably, when the battery runs low, the gadget will automatically plug in to charge and start cleaning again when it has enough power.


In conclusion, although manual cleaning may not yield the same degree of joy, the Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner is still worth buying for regular use and cleaning. Its powerful suction, LIDAR navigation, and roomy dust box make it a good option for maintaining clean floors. It’s not very good at mopping and cleaning corners, but it’s good at getting around rugs and doormats. Except for cleaning tangled hair from the brushes, which may be a bit of a pain, maintenance is also reasonably simple.


  • Efficient sanitation
  • reasonable battery life
  • Outstanding LIDAR guidance
  • large trash can


  • Android app support is a little picky.
  • Tangled hair can be difficult to remove.

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