June 19, 2024


A techie’s childhood sweetheart tells him she wants more out of life and suggests an open relationship after he surprises her with a promise ring. In the turmoil of a wedding, the couple works through their new dynamics.


The new status of relationships is situationships. Chaos should result when you combine this with the complicated phenomenon of polyamory, or open relationships, and a group of restless and impetuous Gen Z youth. And it does in this romantic drama centered around the way a group of friends handles the attempt at an open relationship by one couple. A wedding in Daman has a backdrop that makes everything more colorful and crazy.

Four years have passed since the childhood sweethearts Saransh (Anshuman Malhotra) and Jinal (Nupur Nagpal) began their long-distance love. While the latter aspires to become a social media sensation and travel the world, which includes dating other people, the former is certain that he will settle down with his fiancée. Although filmmaker Sol Kohli offers a glimpse into what it’s like to be a young person these days, the constant drama frequently goes too far and the circumstances seem manufactured.

The program attempts to help decipher difficult relationship decisions, but it doesn’t appear like it was well thought out. Jinal aspires to be more than just Saransh’s wife and a successful influencer, but her ambition to do so comes out as a bit too strong. The audience witnesses a string of inebriated hijinks, erratic dates, miscommunications, etc. against the backdrop of their best friend Sakshi’s (Surbhi Dhyani) wedding and the evolving relationships between the pals.

The eight mini-series episodes, which last about thirty minutes apiece, are overly long. The viewer’s attention is thus divided throughout, marginalizing the true nature of an open partnership. The series is easy to watch, nonetheless, because of the episodes’ brevity, Jebin Jacob’s cinematography, and the shaadi atmosphere.

Anshuman Malhotra and Nupur Nagpal, the leading pair, capture their adolescent and adult identities flawlessly. They seem to be best friends because of their effortless chemistry. The young group poses as best buddies with great conviction.

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