June 18, 2024

Elease Time: 02 February 2024

Rating: 2.5/5

starring Soniya Bansal, Himaja, Himaja, Mirchi Kiran, Suman, and Laksh Chadalavada

Director: Srinivas Vikranth

Padmavati Chadalavada is the producer.

Director of Music: Sai Kartheek

Film director: Kanna p.c.

Vinai Ramaswamy V., the editor

Laksh Chadalavada, who is experimenting with many genres, has just produced the action thriller Dheera. The Vikranth Srinivas-directed film is now showing in theaters. Let’s examine the movie.


By trade, Ranadheer (Laksh Chadalavada) is a driver. He only acts when money is provided, regardless of how serious the circumstance. Along with him are an anesthesiologist and Doctor Amrutha (Neha Pathan). Ranadheer learns throughout this procedure that the patient is a powerful individual. That patient, who is she? What history does he have? Did Ranadheer finish the assignment? The main idea of the narrative is this.

 Extra Credits

In his tough image, Laksh Chadalavada is well-groomed, and he executed every action scene with skill. His comedic scene with the thugs is well-timed and makes the hallway giggle. Laksh makes up for situations that lack substance by just being in them. A couple pivotal moments in the second half keep the action moving. The key reveal parts are nonetheless entertaining even though the main narrative is unremarkable.

The songs of Sai Kartheek are skillfully filmed and have a clean composition. As for Himaja, she’s OK, CM’s P.S. Dheera keeps things interesting because of the acute editing.

Negative Points

The entire film is chock full of action scenes, yet it falls short emotionally. The film didn’t have the necessary emotional depth because the focus was primarily on action scenes and heroics. Not even a couple of the film’s poignant moments are really noteworthy.

Soniya Bhansal plays an unmemorable role. The protagonist finds that fighting some bigwigs by himself makes things a little too simple for him. The focus of the first part is on developing the hero’s persona and his romance with the main female character.

Technical Aspects

In addition to the songs, Sai Kartheek’s background soundtrack is also excellent. The cinematography by Kanna is adequate. There are good production values. The conversation isn’t very well written. It’s a really good edit.


Dheera is mostly a one-man performance from Laksh that emphasizes action scenes. There were some ok situations in the second half, and Laksh does a fair job in his role. The first half is mediocre with uninteresting love parts, and the narrative is ordinary.

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