July 18, 2024


Five applicants from various backgrounds apply for the same position. Every individual has a distinct motivation for pursuing it, which may include familial support or individual aspirations. Which one of them is hired?


Cheran’s adventure begins with five applicants fighting for the same job position, all of whom are waiting to be summoned for an interview. The upcoming episodes of the show walk us through each character’s background. Only at the very end is the question of who gets the job answered. As a result, we are forced to endure nine episodes of heartbreaking flashbacks followed by additional flashbacks.

We go from one character’s flashback to another since the pasts of all five contenders are interwoven and portrayed. This can be confusing at first, but it gets easier with time. All five of the candidates, in all honesty, have had hard periods in their life; in fact, several of them have gone through quite terrible events. However, the show doesn’t elicit sympathy from you, not even when you can sense their suffering.

Naturally, one of Cheran’s Journey’s advantages is the acting, thus that cannot be the cause of this. Perhaps because the suffering, the challenges, and the tragedies are oversimplified, the series doesn’t deliver that visceral impact. Even with the severity of what is being addressed, there are conversations in the series like “We still live in a dark age” and “People have been struggling for basic needs in my village” that rarely elicit any strong emotions in the viewer.

Overall, because of its preachiness, Cheran’s Journey comes off more as a moral science lecture. In a lengthy tirade, a character in the show brings up racism, prejudice, and Mahatma Gandhi all at once.

If a motivational speaker decides to go into film, you get the series. Try the series if all you want is a list of 100 motivational quotations about life.

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