May 27, 2024
Bigg Boss Telugu 7

Bigg Boss Telugu 7

The nominations for Bigg Boss Telugu 7 second week have been going on, and competitors have filled it with drama, disagreements, and fighting.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 is now airing on television and has generated a lot of buzz. The second week of nominations has begun, and the participants have filled it with drama, disputes, and fighting. The nominations process spans two days, and Pallavi Prashanth was on fire in Monday’s program.

Several housemates criticized Pallavi Prashanth for portraying himself as a poor framer who is also a social influencer seeking to make it big. Amardeep chastised Prashanth for continually bringing up an emotional and sentimental discussion to gain cover. When Amardeep stated this to Prashanth, several other contenders applauded and expressed their support.

During the nomination process, Prashanth cried, protested, and pleaded with the participants. Gautham Krishna even called Prashanth’s actions ‘narcissistic.’ Prashanth, on the other hand, demonstrated his attitude by responding, ‘I will take medicine from you on my way back.’

The producers published the trailer tonight, and the second day nominations are under fire. Gowtham Krishna nominates Rathika, and his reasoning sparks a heated debate between them. During the nominations, Sivaji and Shobha Shetty argue as the former nominates her. The nominating process will undoubtedly be fraught with drama, with participants attempting to kick each other out of the house.

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