May 23, 2024
Bigg Boss Season 7 - Day 4 Unveils Drama and Challenges.

Bigg Boss Season 7.

The housemates could be seen continuing the golden opportunity tasks on Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu’s fourth day. The competition had huge stakes because the winner would receive immunity for five weeks. The path to this immunity was filled with memorable drama and exciting incidents.

The Art of Flirting Challenge: Priyanka and Sandeep demonstrated their tenacity and won the competition for the task involving the golden opportunity. The housemates were asked to impress Bigg Boss today.

Prince was given the assignment of instructing Bigg Boss in the “Art of Flirting,” but his efforts were ineffective. Shobha was left with the burden of carrying it. She embraced the task enthusiastically and started dancing with Teja while flirting in a humorous manner. Bigg Boss gave her efforts a more encouraging reception.

Bigg Boss Season 7

Nursery Rhymes and Emotional Conversations:

Bigg Boss approached Rathika for a one-on-one talk in an at first amusing tone. However, as the discussion went on, Rathika started to get sentimental and yearned for a certain person. In a funny twist, Bigg Boss kept Rathika occupied by repeatedly reading nursery rhymes until she couldn’t help but smile.

Dramatic Performance by Prashant:

Prashant entered the Bigg Boss house and began a turbulent journey, frequently crying and displaying emotional vulnerabilty in front of the cameras. Shakeela and Teja referred to him as the “fake candidate” in the house and accused him of acting dishonestly as a result of his conduct.

Shivaji’s Craving for Coffee and Bigg Boss’ Joking Reaction:

Shivaji’s frustration at going four days without a cup of coffee in the house reached a breaking point. He expressed his frustration to the other residents of the residence, pointing out that he had been quite clear about his needs for coffee and medication before moving in. Shakeela made an appeal to Bigg Boss on Shivaji’s behalf, pleading for coffee. To everyone’s shock, Bigg Boss responded by sending a BP monitor and ordering Doctor Gowtham to check Shivaji’s BP.

Rathika was instructed by Bigg Boss to go up to each housemate, listen to their heartbeats, and convey what their hearts were saying in order to lighten the mood. However, Shivaji’s rage was only fueled by this amusing diversion. Bigg Boss made the decision to step in and summoned Shivaji to the activity room. To his great surprise, Bigg Boss made arrangements for a much-needed cup of coffee, calming the tense atmosphere.

Day 4 showed that the producers of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu had made careful preparations, resulting in a better opening week of season 7 than the previous two seasons.

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