May 27, 2024

Cartagena Best Visit Places

The seat of the Bolivar department, Cartagena, also known as Cartagena de Indias, is the fifth-largest city in Colombia. The city, which is Colombia’s most popular tourist destination, is noted for its magnificent colonial palaces, plazas, gorgeous beaches, and dynamic lifestyle. It is situated on the Caribbean coast.

Cartagena evokes memories of bygone eras. Cartagena, one of Colombia’s favorite travel destinations, was formerly the principal stronghold of the Spanish colonial empire. Cartagena’s major attraction is an ancient walled city with 13 kilometers of colonial walls. Being a center of culture, there are several festivals and events held all year. Cartagena captivates tourists with its historic elegance; taking a walk down one of the city’s cobblestone streets will transport you back to the Middle Ages.

You may observe the contemporary Bocagrande on the other side of the city, which has a skyline full of tall buildings, opulent hotels, and eateries. Visitors are taken aback by the outer town’s rapid pace and look into the daily lives of the cardigans of today.

Activities in Cartagena

1. Walled City

Cartagena’s main attractions are the old town and the inner walled city, which reflect the city’s rich colonial past.

The inner city is a completely different world, encircled by high walls that took nearly two centuries to build as a defense against storms and pirate invasions. This location allows visitors to step back in time to the 16th and 17th centuries through the use of colonial-era buildings, churches, and monasteries. The numerous boutiques, eateries, pubs, and upscale hotels on the property add to the colonial charm. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fantastic experience, best explored on foot. To see this architectural wonder, stroll under the shadow of colonial homes and palaces.

2. Castillo de San Felipo de Barajas

This huge fortification from the 17th century, perched atop San Lazaro Hill and overlooking the city, is a must-see destination in Cartagena.

This magnificent castle, named for the Spanish king Philip IV, is a masterpiece of architecture. Due to its triangle shape and extensive system of carefully positioned tunnels, the castle was impregnable.

3. Playa Blanca

One of the most stunning beaches in Colombia is Playa Blanca, which is only a two-hour drive from the city on Isla Baru, or the Baru Islands.

One of the highlights is the beach, which is approximately a 45-minute speed boat journey from Cartagena. Most visitors take a day off and come here to unwind on the white sand beach against the Caribbean’s pristine blue waters. Head north to avoid the throng, as the beach gets busy throughout the day; staying overnight would be an even better idea. The beach becomes calm and serene in the evening after the trippers have left, making it the ideal place to lose yourself in its peace.

4. Torre del Reloj

Torre del Reloj, a clock tower from the 19th century that serves as the primary entrance gate to the ancient city, is a representative icon of Cartagena.

There’s no doubt that anyone considering a vacation to Cartagena has seen this brilliant yellow clock tower in Republican style. The ancient walled city’s two sides are joined by the clock tower. A statue of Pedro de Heredia, the city’s founder, greets you as soon as you pass through the gate, and a busy plaza that was formerly a slave market awaits you. You’ll find mansions with colonial balconies and a sweet market that welcomes you with a blend of African and Spanish flavors as soon as you pass past the Torre del Reloj gates.

5. Volcan del Totumo

a mud volcano outside the city that draws lots of visitors for its mud baths.

The mud bath on this volcano is an amazing experience, well known for its remarkable therapeutic properties. A stairway opens up into a 15-meter-tall mound that sits in a crater and can hold ten to fifteen people at a time. It’s a unique experience to exfoliate your skin while floating in warm, rich mud. Watch out for locals who show visitors around and demand a gratuity in exchange. Don’t forget to bring your rubber slippers and tower.

6. Rosario Islands

The Isla del Rosario, a stunning archipelago of thirty islands renowned for their natural beauty, is located 100 kilometers from Cartagena.

Rosario Islands, one of Colombia’s national parks, is visually stunning with its pristine scenery and distinctive ecosystem. Go diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean waters, or just unwind on the finely sanded white beaches while indulging in delectable seafood delicacies. The island also features an aquarium with a wide variety of marine life on display, including enormous sea turtles and cods, all in their natural habitat.

7. Mercado de Bazurto

Cartagena’s main food market, Mercado de Bazurto, is lined with little alleyways and stands that sell everything from meat and fish to fresh produce.

The marketplace is not at all touristy. Although it’s unclean and not the safest location for tourists, it’s perfect for daring travelers who want to explore, get a glimpse into the inhabitants’ daily lives, and watch the city in action. Admire the affordable fresh vegetable and meal options available here. You can go as long as you pay attention to your surroundings and safeguard your possessions.

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