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Auckland Travel

In addition to being the biggest and most populated city, Auckland is also among the oldest and most historic in New Zealand, making it a major tourist destination. Auckland’s location beside two sizable harbors blends urban and natural beauty, attracting tourists for both business and pleasure purposes throughout the year.

Auckland provides travelers with an abundance of options for experiences, with a wide range of activities and attractions available for all types of travelers. It is well known across the world for having several volcanoes, islands, and mountains. The city is filled with gorgeous green parks, gardens, and lakes that only serve to enhance its charm. Auckland’s cityscape is a visual feast for the eyes. To get a stunning perspective of the natural landscapes with the stunning modern skyscrapers, visit one of the many views located throughout the city. Auckland is a center for adventure sports because of New Zealand’s reputation for high-adrenaline pursuits.

Auckland also has a fantastic range of adventure activities, the most well-known of which is the bungee jump from the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge. These two locations also offer some quite beautiful views of the city. The Auckland Festival, the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and the New Zealand International Film Festival, to mention a few, are just a few of the annual cultural events held in the city.

Activities in Auckland

1. Sky Tower

Auckland’s Sky Tower rises towards the sky and is visible from throughout the city. This iconic tower’s observation decks offer some truly remarkable vistas. The Sky Tower is an office skyscraper for telecommunications that has several dining options and pubs on site. In the southern hemisphere, it is also the tallest.

Sky Tower is the highest man-made structure in the southern hemisphere, standing at 328 meters. The tower is a well-liked attraction because it provides a view of the city that is otherwise only accessible by helicopter. In addition, the tower offers two exhilarating activities. The SkyWalk is a 190-meter-tall walk around the skyscraper on a small platform. If walking isn’t your thing, you may also jump off using the SkyJump, which will, yes, have a harness. Aside from them, the tower has the elegant Sugar Club, the revolving Orbit 360, and the Sky Cafe, which are cafes and restaurants.

2. Cornwall Park

The 425-acre Cornwall Park offers a representation of the history, flora, animals, and farming culture of New Zealand. It offers a wide range of activities and is situated in the center of Auckland. Enjoy a stroll around the verdant pathways with your significant other, stop by one of the cafés for a meal or a cup of coffee, host a barbecue with friends and family, and engage in other horticultural pursuits.

Maungakiekie, often known as One Tree Hill, serves as Cornwall Park’s epicenter. In the Maori vernacular, it represents the camaraderie and solidarity of the Pakeha, or non-Maori settlers. Buried beneath the obelisk that was erected as a symbol of Maori and European settlers’ brotherhood.

3. Rangitoto Island

The largest and youngest volcano in Auckland’s vast volcanic system is Rangitoto. Because of its distinctive silhouette in the distance created by its wide, symmetrical conical shape, this island is visible from the mainland. Arriving on this massive volcano island is a magnificent adventure that begins with riding the ferry from the harbor. Climb to the summit and explore the ebony lava caverns along the route to take in a view well worth the effort!

The Waitakere Ranges to the east and the Hunua Ranges to the west are visible, as well as the whole Hauraki Gulf. A guided excursion up a trail to the peak is another option if you want to learn more about the nature and history of the island. The world’s largest pohutukawa tree forest is located on the island.

4. Waiheke Island

An amazing island, Waiheke is about thirty-five minutes away from the mainland. The most populous island in the nation, it is well-known for its endless rows of olive and vineyard fields, and it is the location of some of New Zealand’s most illustrious wineries and wines.

With so many vineyards and wineries, spend the day lounging in the sun on Onetagi Beach or any of the other nine. Just before lunch, head to a winery for a wine-tasting tour. Along with the local art studios and galleries, the island boasts a cinema and an arts theatre for a variety of shows. Archery, zip-lining, and shooting are a few other incredibly interesting activities.

5. Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery, known to the Maori people as Toi o Tamaki, was the first permanent art gallery in New Zealand when it opened its doors in 1888. Situated in the center of Auckland, surrounded by Albert Park, Auckland Art Gallery is easily accessible and only a two-minute walk from the main bus hubs in the downtown area. More than 15,000 pieces of art, spanning from 19th-century landscape paintings by old European masters to current pieces by New Zealand artists, are exhibited over four floors.

6. Auckland Zoo

Now in its 96th year of operation, the Auckland Zoo was first opened in December 1922. It’s a top zoological park in New Zealand. Located 6 kilometers from central Auckland, the area is spread across 40 acres of land. There are about 1400 animals of 138 different species at the Auckland Zoo.

There are about 120 different species of native and exotic animals living in this 40-acre zoological garden. Since it first opened in 1922, the zoo has seen significant change, becoming larger and collecting a variety of new creatures. It features a wide variety of animal enclosures and exhibitions, including the tiger area, the orangutan trail, and the hippo river. There’s even a kids’ play area with frogs, guinea pigs, and chicks on show.

7. Auckland Domain

Pukekawa, a 75-hectare green space situated atop the remains of the oldest volcano in Auckland’s volcanic field, is the city’s oldest public park. The Auckland War Memorial and Cenotaph are located in the Auckland Domain, one of the most important public land spaces in the center of Auckland. A band rotunda provides parkgoers with an outdoor performance space for bands. There are plenty of activities to keep park visitors busy at the Domain, including boardwalks and museums.

The Maori people discovered that the volcano’s summit hill is among the isthmus’s most fertile regions, making it suitable for growing sweet potatoes.

8. One Tree Hill

The second-largest volcanic mountain in Auckland is called One Tree Hill. Because of its gardens, an obelisk, and the Stardome Observatory, it is frequently visited. It got its name from the lone totara tree that stood at the top of the hill when the Europeans arrived. The British chopped the tree down and replaced it with a Monterey pine. The non-native tree was removed permanently from the summit of the ‘Maungakiekie’ in 2001 due to the disturbance it caused among the original Maori people.

At the summit of the hill lies an obelisk that honors the Maori people. Located in the One Tree Hill Domain, the Stardome Observatory is a well-liked destination on the hill.

9. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Through talks, displays, tours, and programs, the museum shares numerous stories of historical Māori life in New Zealand, helping to preserve the history in people’s memory.

The museum shop sells a variety of Māori-inspired souvenirs and goods online. Award-winning Māori cultural performances, special exhibition viewings, and private tours offer unique guest experiences. The museum’s neoclassical architecture has won prestigious accolades like the ACENZ Innovate NZ Gold Award and the NZIA Gold Medal in addition to critical acclaim.

The Auckland Museum, also called the Auckland War Memorial Museum, is an important resource that offers a comprehensive understanding of both the history of the nation and the city. Not only that but there is also a photo exhibit at the museum. Also, it features more than 1.5 million specimens that highlight New Zealand’s natural heritage. The War Memorial is located in front of the museum. Featuring a dedicated area and a cenotaph, its primary purpose was to honor the memory of those who perished in the Great War. Nonetheless, a large portion of the museum doubles as a monument.

10. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Explore this amazing Sea Life aquarium, which features over 30 live animal exhibits with captivating displays and tunnels to lead you around.

Kelly Tarlton, a marine biologist from New Zealand, created Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium using a novel technique for shaping acrylic that made it possible to create curving structures out of clear acrylic. Moreover, the aquarium was one of the first in its class to feature travelators, which gently guide visitors through a lengthy, transparent tunnel.

Tour Packages for Auckland

Packages Price Days Inclusion
Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown ₹ 88,840* 6 Nights / 7 Days
Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown, Christchurch ₹ 92,900* 7 Nights / 8 Days
Auckland, Paihia, Rotorua, Queenstown, Franz Josef Glacier, Christchurch ₹ 107,793* 11 Nights / 12 Days
Auckland, Paihia, Rotorua, Christchurch, Franz Josef Glacier, Queenstown ₹ 110,593* 12 Nights / 13 Days
Auckland, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Glacier Region ₹ 140,000* 12 Nights / 13 Days

The Ideal Time To Go To Auckland

The whole city is out and about due to the beautiful and warm weather. The weather is excellent all day long, and the parks and gardens are lush and colorful. The weather is perfect for visiting islands like Waiheke and Rangitoto, and now is also the best time to visit the beaches.

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