June 19, 2024
Athidhi - Review of the Telugu television show on Hotstar.


Athidhi Release Date: September 19, 2023

Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Venu Thottempudi, Avanthika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Aditi Gautam, Ravi Varma, Bhadram

Director: Bharath Y.G.

Music Director: Kapil Kumar

Producer: Praveen Sattaru

Cinematographer: Manojh Katasani

Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala

After recently making a reappearance on the big screen, Venu Thottempudi is now back with his OTT debut series Athidhi. Avanthika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu, and Aditi Gautam also play significant roles in the Bharath Y.G.-written and -directed program. Multiple Indian languages are being used to view the show right now on Disney Plus Hotstar. Let’s have a look at it.


A writer named Ravi Varma (Venu Thottempudi) is in a house with his crippled wife Sandhya (Aditi Gautam). Maaya (Avanthika Mishra), a strange woman, visits Ravi’s home on a wet night and requests permission to spend the night at the mansion. Ravi accepts and opens the door for her. However, Savari (Venkatesh Kakamanu), a YouTuber who frequently uploads videos on ghost hunting, becomes frightened after spotting one.

At Ravi’s estate, he too looks for refuge. Savari sees Maaya there and thinks she is a ghost, not a person. In order to save their lives, he advises Ravi that they should leave the estate as soon as possible. Who is Maaya? What is the mystery surrounding her? What did Ravi and Savari do at that point?

Athidhi Plus Points

The main characters are skillfully introduced, and the story immediately begins after the opening scene. The scary element in the background initially keeps things interesting. In this horror movie, Venu Thottempudi gave a subdued performance. Athidhi shows he still has it with the excellent way he emotes in crucial scenes.

Avanthika Mishra was given a fun role, and she did a good job. In addition to conveying a message to society through her character, she also had a great appearance. In his portrayal as a YouTuber, Venkatesh Kakamanu was lovely. His straightforward but impactful presentation leaves a trace.

Stunning Neninthe In her role, Aditi Gautam does okay. Bhadram and Ravi Varma performed what was expected of them. The background music matched the frightening concept perfectly. The series includes a few short stories, and they are good.

Athidhi Negative Points

The series’ plot is excellent on paper, but it was poorly adapted for the screen. There was a lot of potential for creating scares through jumpscare sequences and other horror elements, but the execution lacked impact. Due to the use of clich├ęd situations, the frightening effects failed to live up to expectations.

But the way the twists are revealed is the biggest flaw. The series heavily depends on these surprises, and if they had been handled fairly, the impact would have been much greater. The way a few situations are presented makes it easy to predict the turns, and this is where the show falls short.

It’s also upsetting how the series concludes. In terms of the plot, the last episode had a lot of action, but this time around, things are rushed. There was a need for greater explanation in a few places, and other sequences came to an abrupt finish.

Technical considerations

The impact of a few scenes improved as a result of Kapil Kumar’s stylish background music. Manojh Katasani does excellent cinematography. Although the series moves quickly overall, the last episodes feel hurried. It was a good production.

With reference to Bharath, the writer-director, while he created a compelling narrative, could have improved the way it was delivered. The show fails to successfully deliver the intended message, underutilizing the subject’s potential.


Athidhi is, overall, a mediocre horror thriller with a few standout scenes. Good performances were given by Avanthika Mishra, Venu Thottempudi, and Venkatesh Kakamanu. The show lacks the anticipated thrills while having an intriguing premise and content. Because of how important twists are revealed, Athidhi falls short to some extent as well.

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