May 27, 2024
Anger Tales: Hotstar's Telugu series 1

Date of Release: March 09, 2023

Rating: 3/5

Featuring: Tharun Bhascker, Phani Acharya, Bindu Madhavi, Suhas, Ravindra Vijay, Venkatesh Maha, and Madonna Sebastian.

Director: Tilak Prabhala

Producers: Suhas & Sridhar Reddy

Smaran Sai, director of music

Cinematography: AJ Aaron, Venkat R Shakhamuri, Vinod K Bangari, and Amardeep

Editor: Kalyan Kodati Pavan

the OTT service Disney Plus Anger Tales is a new anthology series from Hotstar featuring a star-studded cast. The Prabhala Tilak-directed program is presently accessible via streaming. Watch how things stand.

Story :

The four main protagonists of Anger Tales are extremely angry because of the various circumstances in their lives. In the first story, Ranga (Venkatesh Maha) is a devoted follower of a celebrity hero who is determined to see his hero’s benefit show at seven o’clock in a single theater. The second tale is on Pooja Reddy (Madonna Sebastian), a married woman whose mother-in-law and vegan husband forbid her from eating whatever she pleases.

Anger Tales’ four central protagonists are furious due to different situations in their lives. In the first tale, Ranga (Venkatesh Maha), a loyal fan of a famous hero, is resolved to attend his hero’s benefit performance at one theater at seven o’clock. The second story is about Pooja Reddy (Madonna Sebastian), a married lady who is forbidden from eating anything she wants by her husband, a vegan, and her mother-in-law.

Extra Credits:

The narrative of the recently popular Venkatesh Maha has the proper essence. The role of Venkatesh Maha’s Ranga is relatable to all cinema buffs. This specific narrative contains all three of these things: joy, emotion, and anger. Venkatesh Maha and Suhas did their best, and these components came together quite well. Recently, there have been numerous reports of theater damage events during the viewing of re-released films; this final piece also focused on this topic.

The narrative, which stars Madonna and Tharun Bhascker, conveys a straightforward yet important lesson about one’s right to choose what one eats.

In the other two storylines, Bindhu Madhavi, Phani Acharya, and Ravindra Vijay gave strong performances. The background music fit the events well and added a pleasant atmosphere. It’s a good concept to create an anthology series about anger, a fundamental human emotion.

Minus Points:

One of the main problems with the stories involving Bindhu Madhavi and Phani Acharya is how they ended. While there are some similarities to the Hindi film Bala, the story starts rather well until the graph starts to decline and the narrative becomes erratic. This plot also has a ridiculous conclusion. It’s unclear exactly what the story’s creators hoped to get across.

The narrative with Bindhu Madhavi has a problem with the narration. The point is valid, and it makes sense that listening to other people talk loudly all the time might greatly aggravate someone. Therefore, this section is dull, and the absurd story’s ending is even more dismal.

For the most part, the show progresses rather slowly, and the editing team might have cut out a lot of unnecessary sequences to make the viewer less bored.

Technical Aspects :

As was already said, Smaran Sai’s music is good and improves the impact of some scenes. It has good cinematography. There’s fair production value.

Regarding the series, director Prabhala Tilak performed merely mediocrely. Only in the first plot and to a lesser level in the second story did the narrative and emotions function rather well. However, the other stories don’t have as good of a director’s job, and their presentation required a lot of care.

Verdict :

Anger Tales is an anthology program that functions somewhat as a whole. The first episode with Venkatesh Maha and Suhas and the performances of the main characters are what make the show so good. As a result, Anger Tales is just passably entertaining to watch this weekend. Watch it with little anticipation.

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