June 18, 2024
Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Date of Release: February 2, 2024


Starring are Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Swarnakanth, Goparaju Ramana, Suhas, and Shivani Nagaram.

Dushyanth Katikaneni is the director.

Producers: Venkat Reddy and Dheeraj Mogilineni

Director of Music: Shekar Chandra

Film director: Wajid Baig

Editor: Kalyan Kodati Pavan

With a considerable amount of expectation, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, which stars Suhas and newcomer Shivani Nagaram, debuted on large screens today. Check out our review to see if the movie lives up to the hype.


The plot of the movie takes place in the village of Ambajipeta in 2007. The twins, Padmavathi (Saranya Pradeep), a government school teacher, and Mallikarjun (Suhas), a barber and percussionist, are from a lower caste. The village’s powerful man, Venkat (Nithin Prasanna), and Padmavathi are suspected of having an affair. But when Venkat, an upper caste member, offends Padma over a private issue, things get hot and a gap develops between Venkat and Mallikarjun. The plot that is developing between Venkat, Malli, and Padma is compelling enough to be seen on a large screen.

 Extra Credits

A film is successful in engaging audiences when it has a compelling plot, a solid screenplay, and well-rounded acting, all of which Ambajipeta Marriage Band delivers.

Suhas puts on another captivating performance, illuminating the character with compassion and drawing viewers into the story.

As Suhas’s sister, Saranya Pradeep proudly takes on a strong and formidable role. She enhances the whole plot with a captivating performance because of her well-written character. There will undoubtedly be a few situations with Saranya that cause people to respond enthusiastically—some may even whistle.

Shivani Nagaram justifies her appearance on screen by handling her part brilliantly for a debut in a big film. Her moments with Suhas are endearing and charming.

The soundtrack is a nice touch, and supporting actors like Nithin Prasanna and “Pushpa” Jagadeesh give the movie their all.

Negative Points

The film’s writer and director, Dushyanth Katikaneni, chooses a narrative with few significant turns, similar to a popular picture. But in spite of its simplicity, his screenplay has a magical quality.

Although the love story is acceptable, the second part of the novel might have handled it better. Resonance during sad passages might have been improved if Suhas and Saranya Pradeep had developed a more compelling emotional bond.

A somewhat stronger and more risqué writing in the second part of the movie may have made it more engaging even if the story is rather hard-hitting.

Technical Aspects

Dushyanth Katikaneni, making her directorial and writing debut, does well. However, the film’s conclusion may have been enhanced by focusing more on the plot and adding a few more sharp conversation exchanges.

The film’s quality is enhanced by the excellent work of cameraman Wajid Baig, editor Kodati Pawan Kalyan, and music director Sekhar Chandra. We especially thank the production crew for contributing a respectable amount to the project.


Overall, Suhas, Saranya Pradeep, and Nithin Prasanna give excellent performances in this gripping play on a societal issue, Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The well-known, simple plot and the second half’s rather plodding narrative are among the movie’s drawbacks. This weekend, you may view the movie.

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