June 18, 2024
Akaash Vani

Akaash Vani: Nushrat Bharucha, Kiran Kumar, Kartik Tiwari, and Fatima Sana Shaikh are the ensemble cast.

What’s Good: The cozy, heartwarming romance will definitely lift your spirits.

What’s Bad: A very cliched, well-told tale that goes on for a while, trying your patience.

Loo break: just after the break. It nearly makes you wish the break hadn’t ended. Additionally, I highly advise free-spirited women to always have an analgesic on hand.

Watch or Not?: Akash Vani is worth a try if Sleepless in Seattle is the type of movie that breaks your heart!

Akaash Vani Examining the Screenplay

Though Luv Ranjan’s narrative was obviously disappointing, his hopes are skyrocketing. At the very least, the urban audience would not be pleased with the movie that was aimed for the younger segment of the public. Although Akaash and Vaani’s passion is very impressionable, it is difficult to believe that a girl who attended one of India’s most prestigious colleges would act in such a dim-witted manner. That Stephen’s could not properly teach their children the most crucial lesson of self-respect is nearly a stain on the school’s reputation, which is untrue. when Vani’s older sister leaves her caste to marry someone else.

Even if the story’s conclusion does reveal the characters in a more liberated light—something you have been waiting for—the narrative falls flat due to several significant and inexplicable plot gaps. The movie’s duration wears you out, making you wish it would finish sooner.

Star Performances

Luv Ranjan carefully chose his actors for his movie. I commend Nushrat and Kartik despite a badly cut film with a storyline full of errors. The characters are believable because of their on-screen interaction. Despite their youthful innocence, their relationship has the resilience to endure despite harsh societal norms, the passage of time, and physical distance. Their narrative is told in the film, and they brilliantly provide captivating chemistry to every scene. The scene where Nushrat and Kartik cry at a station towards the end of the movie is a testament to how well they time their emotions and how well they convey the feelings they want to convey.

Technical, musical, and directing aspects

The songs blend very nicely with the movie’s young romance. Every song’s lyrics showcase Luv Ranjan’s humor and are well written. The songs undoubtedly showcase the highest octaves of the romance quotient, which contributes to the charming soundtrack of the movie. The most cherished soundtrack package from the movie is Tera Mera Naam by Shafqat Amanat Ali.

Final Word

It’s worth watching the movie once. Just for Nushrat and Kartik’s lovely and captivating chemistry, watch it! Two thumbs up to the pair.

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