May 27, 2024
Lootere Season 1

Lootere Season 1 Story

In the waters off Somalia, a ship full of valuable cargo is taken over, with deadly results.

Lootere Season 1 Review

Vikrant Gandhi (Vivek Gomber), having inherited his father-in-law’s prosperous business, has emerged as Somalia’s undeniable don. However, there is a growing dissatisfaction directed at him, and his destiny is about to alter irrevocably. The forthcoming elections for the Somali port and valuable cargo on a hijacked Ukrainian freighter are at the center of the issue. Among many other issues, it has an Indian crew on board that Vikrant’s frantic scheme to recover his five million dollar consignment has placed them in danger.

The showrunner is Hansal Mehta, who is well-known for suspenseful television shows like “Scam 1992” and “Scam 2003 – The Telgi Story,” while his son Jai serves as the show’s captain. Similar to the Scam series, Vikrant, who is extremely ambitious and careless, is an unexpected hero in this one. The story is fueled by his unrestrained lust for wealth and power. But because the main cause of so much carnage is this protagonist’s deeds, it is quite difficult to feel sympathy for him this time.

“Lootere” distinguishes itself from the start with its choice of two extremely different backdrops: a cargo ship amid an ocean and Somalia. From the beginning, it’s exhilarating, surprising, and thrilling. Additionally, the first two episodes of the screenplay have fast-paced occurrences that set the stage for a suspenseful hijack thriller. A few sequences on board the ship have similarities to the popular 2013 hijack movie “Captain Phillips,” starring Tom Hanks.

But unlike “Captain Phillips,” this one does get a little tedious and repetitious at times because of the Somalian pirates’ internal strife, Vikrant’s clumsy interactions with his horrible rivals, and the crew’s constant suffering during the protracted episodes. However, there are also far too many instances of high-action sequences with lots of movement both on and off the ship. This screenplay is bloody, violent, and not for the weak of the heart. Although the writers (who receive numerous credits) had the opportunity to delve deeply into the causes of Somalia’s incredibly unstable socioeconomic climate, they only use it as a surface motif to incite drama and bloodshed.

Particularly noteworthy is Vivek Gomber’s portrayal of Vikrant Gandhi, a wildly self-assured figure who is skillfully and indulgently rendered. Whether you like him or not, you can’t ignore this bad guy; he wants your attention. Mostly because Gomber takes it upon himself. Unfortunately, his character is weighed down by his weakness, which includes his kid and wife Avi (Amruta Khanvilkar), who just lengthen the screenplay and provide unnecessary confusion in an already hectic storyline that is overflowing with characters. Their motivations and chemistry are mysterious. The action-packed scenes on board the ship and in the dusty alleyways of Somalia, expertly recorded by Jall Cowasji, are what propel the show ahead.

The severity of the scenes is frequently undermined by the upbeat and loud background score. That might have been reduced by one or two episodes. However, ‘Lootere’ manages to stay afloat thanks to its gripping story and captivating acting, navigating difficult seas to provide its audience with plenty of suspense and amusement.

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