July 18, 2024

Date of Release: May 19, 2023

Rating: 3/5

Starring with Niharika Konidela, Jayashree Rachakonda, Rajeev Kanakala, Bindu Chandramouli, Sai Ronak, Harsha Chemudu, and Bhavana Sagi

Director: Mandala Aditya

Producers: Saideep Reddy Bora, Rahul Tamada, and Sameer Gogate

Director of Music: Sidhartha Sadasivuni

Cinematography: Abdul Majeed Fahad

Editor: Adusumilli Srujana

An innovative web series called Dead Pixels has been developed by Disney Plus Hotstar. The show is the Indian version of the same-titled sitcom on British television. Mega diva Niharika Konidela plays the main part in this Aditya Mandala-directed production. Watch how things stand.


Dead Pixels Battle of Thrones is the video game that Gayathri (Niharika), Bhargav (Akshay Lagusani), and Anand (Harsha Chemudu) can’t get enough of. They continue to play the game even at their office. To complete the game is their shared life objective. When Roshan (Sai Ronak) walks into Gayathri’s office, she finds herself drawn to him. After some time, Roshan also enters the game. What took place next? Did the four players finish the game? What changed as a result of Roshan’s arrival? This is partially the main plot point.

Extra Credits:

Niharika Konidela did a fantastic job portraying a video game lover. Sai Ronak, Harsha, and Akshay Lagusani are all good in their parts. Bhavana Sagi, who portrayed Niharika’s buddy, performed a superb job. As someone who attempts to influence her friend to change, she is outstanding.

There are some really enjoyable comedic moments scattered throughout. Akshay and Rajeev Kanakala’s scenario worked out nicely. Even though he appears only briefly, the veteran actor leaves an impression.

Minus Points:

The show caters to a certain type of viewer—gamers—and would be dull for everyone else. The greatest disadvantage is that a greater portion of the audience is not reached by the presentation. If the show isn’t captivating or engaging, why should someone who isn’t a gamer watch it? Furthermore, it’s unclear exactly what the show’s creators intended to get across in Dead Pixels.

The only thing the characters have to do all the time, wherever they are, is play the game. For example, one of the show’s characters works as a pilot but also plays the game while at work. Not one of the other characters questions or checks on them while they continue to play the game in their office. For most of the audience, the show would therefore seem excessive. Given the show’s concept, this is to be expected.

The fact that it addressed the negative impacts of video games would pique the interest of even people who are ignorant of the subject or uninterested in such online activities.

Technical Features:

Sidhartha Sadasivuni’s background score remains largely unchanged throughout the series, failing to leave an impression. The cinematography of Fahad Abdul Majeed is mediocre at best. The editing is satisfactory. The production quality is respectable, and the show is shot in a relatively small number of locales.

Regarding the series, Aditya Mandala, the director, has performed a dismal job. There was no attempt to make the series appealing to a wider audience, so there’s a good likelihood that people who aren’t gamers may lose interest in it right soon. Similar to the plot, the narration also proceeds in an illogical way. As previously mentioned, the series’ creators ought to have included a few things to make it more appealing to a wider audience.


Although Niharika and the other actors do a wonderful job in their parts, the show’s bad plot and narration will severely try your patience. If you don’t play video games, you may confidently put this series on hold without giving it a second consideration.

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