May 23, 2024
90's middle class biopic Telugu web series

90’s middle class biopic Date of Release: January 5, 2024

3.25 out of 5 stars

Shivaji, Mouli, Vasuki Anand, Vasanthika, Rohan, and Snehal Kamat in leading roles

Aditya Hasan is the director.

Producers: Rajasekhar and Naveen Medaram

Director of Music: Suresh Bobbili

Azeem Mohammed is the cinematographer.

Sreedhar Sompalli, editor

The online series 90’s, which features Shivaji, Mouli, and Vasuki in the key characters, has recently been developed by ETV Win. This family drama was directed by Aditya Haasan. Watch how things stand.

90’s middle class biopic Story:

The 90s, which is set in Wanaparthy, is centered on government teacher Chandra Sekhar (Shivaji) and his middle-class family. Three children, Aditya (Rohan), Divya (Vasanthika), and Raghu Teja (Mouli), are the offspring of Sekhar and his homemaker wife Rani (Vasuki). The changes that youngsters must undergo in life frequently leave them feeling let down. Sekhar has very severe rules about his kids’ schooling. The show puts viewers on an emotional rollercoaster via the happenings of a middle-class household.

 Extra Credits:

The appeal of the 1990s is that it appeals to a broad audience, including families and young people. There is a conversation in the opening that states the 90s don’t have a complex plot but instead focus on portraying adorable and straightforward events from everyday life. It doesn’t feel like you’re watching a movie, for that reason. Everything in the series feels so natural.

There will be plenty of scenes that work well with us. Those priceless moments include our first love in school, expecting money from relatives when they come to visit, attempting to watch our favorite TV shows when our father isn’t home, and berating our mother for cooking too much. Since these are activities that most people have done at some point in their life, there is a high degree of relatability. All of these are presented by the filmmaker in a charming way.

Throughout the entire series, the fun factor is retained. Additionally, the feelings are presented in an organized way. Most housewives may identify with Vasuki’s moment with Shivaji, in which she describes the struggles she faces in order to keep the household running well.

In the series, every artist gave it their all.  his role as the leader of a middle-class household, Shivaji does it perfectly. In lighthearted and poignant passages alike, he is fantastic. Vasuki is a perfect match for the role of housewife, and her portrayal is endearing. The characters played by Shivaji and Vasuki are essentially a portrayal of middle-class parents.

Mouli, Vasanthika, and Rohan steal the show. These three do a fantastic job of bringing the adorable tiny moments between the siblings to life. With the majority of the screen time, Mouli gives an excellent performance. Adorable as Vasanathika and Rohan are, Snehal Kamat makes an impression.

Negative Points:

Shivaji’s discussion regarding education at private schools in the third episode should have been portrayed more skillfully. There are moments when the pacing seems a little sluggish, and certain sequences are repeated.

As previously mentioned, the 1990s lack a compelling narrative and as a result, they become formulaic. For more effect, the editing crew may have cut a few passages.

Technical Aspects:

Suresh Bobbili’s soundtrack is calming and deftly fits with the series’ softer tone. Azeem Mohammad’s cinematography is quite good. The producers invested the money needed for the show. A couple scenes should have been shorter, but overall the editing is great.

Bravo to filmmaker Aditya Hasan for creating a family-friendly film that is so clean. The show, which combines humorous and poignant elements, is a true homage to the children of the 1990s and their parents. Even if the show moves slowly at times, family viewers will undoubtedly find it appealing.


Overall, 90’s is an enjoyable family film with lots of nostalgic moments. Like the show’s slogan suggests, 90’s is a genuine middle-class biography with lots of endearing moments. In their parts, Shivaji, Vasuki, Mouli, Vasanthika, and Rohan do rather well. The middle sections had a little sluggish pacing, and the overall duration could have been a little shorter. Still, this weekend’s viewing of 90’s is recommended. Suggested.

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